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I've always found the world that we're living in to be too noisy. People say so much and think less. People have so much to whine about (like what I'm doing now) and less to be thankful for (at least that's what they think).

Having watched the Reese Witherspoon-starrer How Do You Know, I was amazed by having no dialogue make for an interesting movie scene. The characters are attempting to say something but get cut by each other in the process. Very unconventional I must say. I guess that's why the movie is entitled How Do You Know and not How Do You Say. Oh well...
Japan -- Tsunami 2011
I'm sure you've all seen on the news the latest earthquake that struck Japan. It was early today and the tragedy came with a tsunami. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii relayed to various news centers worldwide that a tsunami warning is in effect for a large swath of the Pacific after a magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit the Far East.

Before we all get crazy over what happened, I hope to be informed soon how many people died because it's just tragic. I keep on seeing images of cars, establishments, facilities, but I haven't seen any people yet.

It's so easy to feel bad. In my opinion, it's easier to be gloomy than to be cheerful. At least, this was my mindset years ago.

These days, I find it easier to be mild, in a good disposition, and feeling pleasant. The only reason I find it to be otherwise in some so-called off-days is the environment I live in. Let's face it. The world we live in is not perfect. Even abbeys have their fair share of disputes within its community of nuns. What I mean is the moment we wake up, the bad weather outside can immediately make us feel bad when we're scheduled to go jogging that day. Or a nosy relative can tick us off if we do not feel comfortable with unsolicited advices. The negativity posed by things and people around us most of the time decide for us how we should we feel. That's the way we practise daily living in the world.

What I learned in recent years is still based on that way of thinking, but this time I choose to draw my own thoughts and emotions from the good things that surround me. Yes, there are positive sources for daily living. This is why I named my blog Living Well Daily. I was on my way to work the other day and I noticed how vibrant the colors of the flowers were. It was all about lively colors for me that day. Little did I know that the reason why I had to have that goodness in my eyes was because I was going to encounter mishaps also. The office elevator did not work. Strangers caused me delays. Some friends gave me the cold shoulder. Fortunately, I did not dwell on those. I was still hooked on how wonderful the flowers were.